Welcome To The Dark Net Mail Exchange

DNMX or Dark Net Email Exchange is a dark net email provider that allows anyone to create an email account anonymously and receive/send emails to the clear net.


Service Features

Freedom Of Speech

We give people all around the world the freedom to communicate without being censored by authorities.

Full Encryption

We encrypt our servers with full disk encryption meaning if they fall into the wrong hands your data is still safe


We have no way too know who uses our service since this is the dark net. Using our service is completely anonymous.

Hidden Service Only

Too keep you safe and anonymous you can only access our email service via our onion address on the Tor network.

Offshore Servers

Our servers are located in an offshore country far away from the United States and their unjust laws.

Fair Abuse Handling

We do not allow people to use our service for terrorism, blackmail, or other serious crimes and their accounts will be dealt with.